Shiva Tadayon

Living and interacting with people of different languages and cultures is where Shiva find myself most comfortable. She began her New Year living in the desert of Wadi Run, Jordan with my camel Buttah. After a brief period of culture shock she adjusted through interactions over tea and conversation. She learned to appreciate Bedouin-Arabs’ hospitably. She entered another world walking across the Jordan border from Israel. One Bedouin-Arab’s wife was from London, and she taught English in the village. “I can speak Mandarin and Farsi, but not Arabic,” She told Mehedi, her new Bedouin friend. She began to connect with Bedouin-Arabs, a culture of people vastly foreign to my American culture. Her father is Iranian and her mother is Taiwanese. This unique mix has allowed her to adapt and thrive in various cultures, including the Bedouin-Arab culture. Jordan is just one of the thirty-five countries she traveled to. Follow Shiva on her  new adventures to come exploring Europe and Asia.

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